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Our basement room is equipped with room for up to 150 people, tables & chairs, bathrooms, bar, coffee maker, refrigerator, space for serving food, and more. 

Due to the different nature of each event, we kindly ask you to call or stop in to schedule a date for rental.

Being Prepared

Here is a short list of things we will want to know about your event as we prepare to schedule you in. The more details we have, the better we will be able to serve you:

  • Type of event (Birthday, Retirement, etc.)

  • Is it a surprise

  • Date and Time (start and finish)

  • About how many people

  • Are you catering food or potluck style

  • How much time will you need for set up and decoration

  • When you think you may be decorating

  • Would you like a bartender

  • Anything else we should know?

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