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Post 560 - A Place to Gather

Our bar is filled with patrons of all ages and backgrounds. We welcome Veterans, members, and non-members alike. Stop in and chat with our locals and join our friendly environment that feels more like family.

Happy Hours & Weekly Specials



22oz. Domestic Taps


Happy Hour
11am-1pm & 4pm-6pm

BINGO at 6:30 PM


Happy Hour

11am-1pm & 4pm-6pm

$3 Rails

$2 Domestic 16oz Taps


Happy Hour

11am-1pm & 4pm-6pm

Member BoGo Day!


Happy Hour

11am-1pm & 4pm-6pm

$18 Bucket Special!

5 Domestic Beers

or White Claws


Happy Hour
11am-1pm & 4pm-6pm


$3.50 Chucks


Happy Hour


Frequent Questions

The bar supports the Post and all of the associated groups and they support us. We may not be able to answer all of your questions, but we can assist you with a variety of things or point you in the right direction, including:


We frequently host Birthday's, Retirement Parties, Meetings, Group Happy Hours, Baby Showers, and more.

We just kindly ask that you speak with us and schedule them in advance. That way we can ensure space is available in the bar, or the basement and we have enough staff on hand.

Call or stop in to schedule your event.


Have a fun idea for a post fundraiser, event, or entertainment? We are always looking for ways to engage with the community. We suggest giving us a call or sending an email. We also have a suggestion box by the sign in podium


If you would like to join or renew your membership, simply ask the bartender on duty. They may not be able to answer all of your questions, but they can provide you with a form to complete, take your payment, and give you a free drink for your membership.

If you have specific questions about eligibility or transfers, check out our membership page.


Are you a non-member, or are not receiving newsletters? Feel free to contact us or follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on all the activities happening at the post. Also reference the weekly specials above!


Our patio came to life a few years back and has been a great addition to the post. We host 1-2 PATIO parties each summer, with grilling and live music. Stay tuned for details.

Due to the irregularity of our weather and use of the patio, we don't currently open the outdoor bar daily. If you'd like to sit on the patio, make sure to ask for plastic and let the staff know you'll be outdoors. They may have the bandwidth to come serve you.

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